General Application Information
Application Process
Interested owner operators and small trucking companies can apply for the program either online or by sending in a hard copy application. 

To apply online, click the link above. You will need to complete and submit the online forms, and also send required documents by email.

To apply by mail, either download an application packet or request that an application packet be sent to you. 
Applicants have 30 days to complete the application process. If all required information has not been provided within that time, then the application will be closed. 

New equipment must only be purchased after you have been accepted into the program AND only when instructed to do so by EcoLogix.   If the truck is purchased before acceptance into the program OR before directed by program staff it will not be an eligible purchase.

The truck being replaced must be scrapped.  Preference is for the truck to be scrapped at a commercial scrappage facility.  If the applicant prefers to self-scrap, the scrappage must be witnessed by program staff and the owner must provide a copy of a salvage title along with the scrappage photos.  
General Application Requirements
 Please reference the checklist below.
  • Type or print legibly all items except the signature in Section IV.
  • Printed applications must be in black or blue ink.
  • If you need space for additional information, attach additional sheets of paper. Write the owner’s name on each additional sheet and attach to the application. 
Green Operator Application Checklist
1. _____ Provide a signed and completed application to the Green Operator Program.
2. _____ Provide a copy of a valid TWIC card (front and back) as well as a PRO-PASS report going back minimum of 6 months.
3. _____ Provide a copy of the Department of Motor Vehicles title AND a valid registration for the vehicle(s) to be replaced.
4. _____Provide proof of valid insurance for the truck to be replaced.
5. _____Provide photographs of truck to be replaced with license plate clearly visible.
6. _____ Provide a video showing the truck is operable and a photo of the engine tag/serial number.
7. _____ Provide letter of preapproval for financing.
With video capabilities on smart phones, tablets and other devices, we feel this will not place an unnecessary burden on the applicants and will further strengthen equipment verification. If this does present a challenge, please contact the program administration staff to discuss options, which may include scheduling a site visit that may add to the application processing time.
Green Operator Application Checklist (after application is approved) 
1. _____ Provide the engine family number to program staff BEFORE you purchase the new truck or scrap the old truck. Staff will confirm the proposed new truck meets program requirements and then authorize purchase of the new truck and scrappage of the old truck. 
2. _____ Confirm if the truck will be scrapped at a commercial scrap yard or you intend to self-scrap. 
3. _____ Once you have been authorized by EcoLogix to scrap your vehicle, provide photos of the truck immediately prior to and after
scrappage, along with proper documentation from the commercial scrap yard. If the applicant prefers to self-scrap, the scrappage must be witnessed by program staff and the owner must provide a copy of a salvage title along with the scrappage photos.  
4. _____ Once the new truck has been purchased please provide the registration, title and invoice (Bill of Sale) for the new truck.
Investing Public Funds / Maintaining Public Trust
Intentional falsification of information provided by an applicant with the specific intent to avoid meeting any aspect of the program’s requirements may lead to the individual being prosecuted to the extent allowed under law and may be used as an adverse factor in regards to future applications for rebate awards.
The Virginia Port Authority is committed to the integrity of the program and encourages reporting of any known concerns involving any aspect of the program especially related to suspected fraudulent activity. Visit https://www.oig.dot.gov/hotline  for more information on suspected fraud.