To assure compliance with program requirements, application information will periodically be confirmed prior to acceptance.  
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Truck Information
Engine Information
Operational Information
Lien information
(If you answered “No”, you agree to pay off all indebtedness, receive lien releases and deliver a clear certificate of title free of any and all liens as a condition to delivery of your old truck for scrappage and receipt of grant funds for a replacement truck.)
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I do hereby certify the following (Please read and initial next to each item):
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By clicking submit you certify that you are the authorized representative of the company applying for the funding and that the information provided herein is true, accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief. 
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To complete your application please click submit below AND email the following documents to Susan Stephenson at sstephenson@ecologixgroup.com.  Once we have received your application you will be sent a confirmation email within one business day.  
  • A copy of a valid ID card from The Port of Virginia (front and back).
  • A copy of a valid TWIC card (front and back).
  • A copy of the Virginia vehicle title or other state title and registration or similar state title and registration if registered in another state for the vehicle(s) to be replaced.
  • Proof of insurance for the truck to be retrofitted. 
  • Photograph of truck to be retrofitted with license plate clearly visible.
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